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Ronald Packard, Chairman

VFW Riders, Department of Nebraska VFW

405 Lincoln Ave

PO Box 280

Cortland, NE 68331




Veteran of Foreign Wars Motorcycle Riders pursuant to mandate of the 111th National Convention, Resolution 308, adopted August 23, 2010.


  • To promote and support the programs of the Veteran of Foreign Wars.
  • To promote motorcycle safety programs.
  • To provide a social atmosphere for VFW members who share the same interest.


Each VFW Nebraska Motorcycle Riders will be presented as an activity, managed by a Committee, established by its sponsoring Department, District or Post. No Motorcycle Riders will represent itself as, or be a Motorcycle Club (MC) or part of any MC Confederation / Organization at any level.


All VFW Nebraska Riders members shall be members in good standing with either the Veterans of Foreign Wars or one of its nationally recognized auxiliaries. Each must be the legally registered owner of a properly insured motorcycle and must possess a valid motorcycle driver’s license in their state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well) or a rider thereto.

Subject to the rules and regulations of a Department, a Department, District or Post VFW Nebraska Riders may allow Supporters (aka "Supporting Riders” or "Guest Riders”). Such supporter classification does not constitute membership in the VFW nor come with the promise of any material, financial, or political benefit to the VFW Nebraska Riders , its members or committee; nor to any other member at any other organizational level within the VFW; nor there be any similar gains for the honoree through the conferring of "Supporter” status, but is intended as a means to provide recognition to those who show strong support to the VFW Nebraska Riders  programs and events. Prospective supporters must, without exception, be the legally registered owner of a properly insured motorcycle and must possess a valid motorcycle driver’s license in their state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well) or a rider thereto. All supporters eligible for membership in the VFW or one of its Auxiliaries shall become members in good standing.

VFW Nebraska Riders Committee

Each VFW Nebraska Riders formed shall be managed by committee, appointed by its respective Commander. All committee chairmen/members will be selected from those VFW members in good standing who are also members of the VFW Nebraska Riders. In addition, the Commander and Quartermaster of the sponsoring unit, by virtue of their offices, shall be members of the committee. Trustees of the sponsoring unit shall not serve on the committee.

VFW Motorcycle Rider Group Guidelines Page 2 of 2 Revision Date: 14 September 2010 The committee shall exercise such supervision over VFW Nebraska Riders members as will insure the protection of the VFW name and property.

The committee chairman shall seek approval and report it activities, at each regular meeting of the sponsoring unit.

Expenditure and receipt of funds (to include solicitation of and fundraising activity) shall be in accordance with VFW National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure.

The committee may adopt rules and regulations governing the structure and conduct of their VFW Nebraska Riders  as do not conflict with those issued by higher authority. Such rules and regulations shall only become effective upon their approval by the sponsoring unit.

Logos, Apparel and Patches

The use of the VFW logos and VFW trademarks are protected under Sections 803 and 805 of the National By-Laws and Manual of Procedure.

Each VFW Nebraska Riders may adopt a one-piece back patch or other apparel that will promote its group in a safe and respectable manner. The patch(s) may use the member’s appropriate logo (i.e. VFW Member wears VFW logo; auxiliary member wears the appropriate auxiliary logo. All articles of clothing worn by "Supporting Riders” using any logo or trademark, when authorized by the VFW, shall contain the word(s) "I support” or "Supporter”.), Post/District/Department affiliation or be of creative design. In all instances, the design shall be subject to the approval of the Department having jurisdiction and that of the Commander-in-Chief, with the authority to manufacture in accordance with Section 803 of the Manual of Procedure. Under no circumstance shall a VFW Nebraska Riders adopt a three-piece patch; the use of "rockers” is deemed unacceptable.

It is strongly recommended that members dress in a manner that promotes a positive image for The Veteran of Foreign Wars, particularly when operating in group activities or interacting with the community. No VFW Nebraska Riders shall allow the use of patches or apparel using offensive language in conjunction with any patch or apparel using any VFW logo or trademark.


Each VFW subordinate unit currently operating a Riders Group, M/C or like organization, must adhere to the policies herein and those passed down from proper authority. Failure to comply with these issued guidelines will cause the group to be disbanded.

Each existing or newly formed VFW Nebraska Riders shall forward immediately (within 30 days), through proper channels to the Adjutant General’s office, the name/membership number of all committee members and/or any changes thereto, for the purpose of promoting any VFW national/regional riding events or distribution of VFW Nebraska Riders related material.

These guidelines are hereby adopted, this 14th day of September of 2010.

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