Thank you for your interest in the Nebraska VFW 2024 Raffle Calendar.  This year, we have taken a different approach to our theme and we are excited to share with you the stories of some of our members who have served and who continue their service as members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.  
 Travis Richards and Nick Eddy
Travis Richards
 Ashley Fritz
 Nick Eddy
 Randall Moeller
 Krystal Salisbury-Hendricks
 Aaron Jones
 Lincoln Fire & Rescue
 Aaron Jones
 Aaron Shropshire
 Eugene Case
 Fred Wiedeburg
 Medicine Flower

The VFW Department of Nebraska would like to thank you for supporting our mission that NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS.  Through your generosity and contributions, the VFW Department of Nebraska continues to lead efforts throughout the State to bring quality services, support and care to our nation's heroes and their families. 
We stand committed to promoting patriotism and Americanism to future generations of citizens through our youth programs, classroom visits, and by serving as examples of selfless Americans who put themselves in harms way, so that others should not have to.  
We proudly #stillserve as members of the largest and oldest war veterans organization and now more than ever, we appreciate your continued support. The support needed to accomplish the mission and guarantee that future service members and veterans do not face the same obstacles to their benefits, their healthcare, and their overall wellbeing.  
Our commitment didn't end when we changed out of our uniforms - instead, it serves as the foundation for the future of this country and it is for us to work together with our neighbors, to continue our investment, so that those who did not return home from foreign lands, would be proud of the America they have preserved and we have built upon.