Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial

- 1/31/2018

The Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial will be built on site at the new Central Nebraska Veterans Home in Kearney. As you can see reading the press release, this is a massive project which will require the efforts of local communities, businesses, citizens and Veterans Service organizations to complete.

Fundraising to date from veterans organizations alone has produced over $80,000 (60k from American Legion Post 52 in Kearney, and over 20k from Broken Bow VFW/Legion). To date we have over $800,000 raised or pledged towards a goal of $2 million. The news release I have attached has been provided to the state American Legion magazine and to the Nebraska Press Association (which produced a state wide press release to every newspaper in Nebraska).

Our goal is to challenge other Veterans Service clubs in Nebraska to educate themselves about this project and support it financially.

Press Release CLICK HERE

For Questions Contact: 

Bob Harpst, director

Central Nebraska Veterans Memorial