2018 Veteran's Legislative Day

- 1/19/2018

Friday, February 2, 2018

Each year the Nebraska Veterans Council reviews and establishes the veterans priority legislation for the upcoming year in the Nebraska Unicameral. The Veterans Council is comprised of The American Legion, VFW, AMVETS, Military Order of Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans, Vietnam Vets, Professional Vets Advocates and the DAV.  

On Friday, February 2nd, attendee's at the Veterans Legislative Day will have the opportunity to visit and discuss the legislation with their District Senator and ask for their support or perhaps in some cases their opposition to the veterans bills that have been introduced.  

Registration will open at 7:30 AM outside the Warner Chambers on the second floor of the State Capitol. The assembly will be called to order at 8:00 AM.

Governor Pete Ricketts will address the body at 8:05 AM.

Other speakers slated thus far are:
John Hilgert - Director, Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs
John McNally - Assistant Director, Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs
Fred Craigie - Chairman of the Nebraska Veterans Council

In addition, several State Senators will speak on various veterans legislation they have introduced or support.

After that, there will be an opportunity for veterans to speak personally with their respective State Senator and ask for their support of the Nebraska Veterans Council priority legislation.

As a precursor to the meeting, I would encourage attendee's to familiarize themselves with the following bills which the Nebraska veterans Council has voted to support:

LB 827 - Provide for disposition of property of members of veteran's homes and change state personnel system exemptions for the NDVA
LB 497 - Change references to a federal form relating to veterans
LB 498 - Change provisions relating to transfer of homestead exemptions
LB 169 - Exempt Social Security benefits and retirement income from income taxation

You can do so by clicking on the following link and insert the bill number in the "Search Current Bills" box.

One quick note: Parking is always at a premium around the Capitol when the Unicameral is in session so arrive early or utilize one of the paid parking garages around the Capitol.

We hope all veterans, spouses and friends can attend. Wear your hats and let your voices be heard. While our efforts may not always lead to success, failure is guaranteed if we don’t try.