Commander-in-Chief-prayers of support for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

- 8/29/2017

On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief, thank you for your outpouring of prayers of support for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey - currently impacting Texas and Louisiana..

Yesterday morning, I hosted a conference call with the Adjutant/Quartermasters from Texas & Louisiana to reemphasize the VFW’s readiness to support recovery efforts. They were both very grateful for everyone’s concerns and support and fully endorsed our activation of the VFW Disaster Relief Fund Program.

The VFW’s Disaster Relief Fund, established several years ago, provides up to $50,000 of matching relief to states impacted by natural disasters. individuals, departments, districts and posts wishing to contribute to the VFW relief efforts needed in both statesare encouraged to donate to the VFW Disaster Relief Fund.

Our VFW Disaster Relief Fund contains $100,000, which could add $50,000 of matching relief grants for both Texas and Louisiana. These additional funds can further stretch financial gifting - providing additional, critically needed support.

To donate via the VFW Disaster Relief Fund program, send checks earmarked "Disaster Relief” to:


Quartermaster General

406 W. 34thStreet

Kansas City, MO 64111

Additionally, individuals may choose to text a $10 donation via the below email instructions.

Again, thank you for your continued prayers and support for those suffering in Texas and Louisiana.