Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Ceremony

- 7/19/2017

All Vietnam Veterans are encouraged and welcomed to attend the Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremony. They can RSVP up to the day before the event. 


On behalf of Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, commanding general of the 1st Infantry
Division and Fort Riley, I'd like to inquire about the possibility of your
support to help promote the upcoming Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremony
at Fort Riley, Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our division, the service and
sacrifice of those who fought in Vietnam continues to weigh heavily on our
minds. We know these veterans did not receive the welcome home they deserved
and many were never thanked for their service. We want to provide that
opportunity to them with this event.  

I have attached a flyer that contains all the information, including an RSVP
email address. As part of the ceremony, the Big Red One has plans to provide
each veteran with a token of appreciation. 

We understand many individuals may be unable to travel due to health reasons
or distance, and in some cases, many of those veterans are no longer with
us. In lieu of those individuals who cannot be here, this event is open to
family, friends and supporters as well. 

Finally, if any Vietnam veterans have previously attended one of these
events, they are more than welcome to attend again - we encourage it. And it
doesn't matter if their branch of service or if they served with the Big Red
One. All are welcome.