VFW Website Solution Program

- 6/3/2017

The VFW Website Solution program is geared to assist Posts and Departments in establishing a viable, easy-to-manage website. Working in conjunction with its developers, Drivepath and Pixelbit, this template-based platform offers Posts and Departments an affordable opportunity to stake their claim of the web, making pertinent information easily accessible to members, as well as the public. Further, the website templates being offered adopt a consistent look and feel, working to reinforce the official VFW brand and messaging.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this new program is, through Operation Uplink, the VFW is offering your Posts and Departments grants to cover the first year of service! However, this grant is limited to the first 53 Departments and 4,000 Posts to apply. The grant will cover the cost of domain management, development, integration and hosting for the first year. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the Posts and Departments to fund the annual domain management and hosting fee of $360. That’s less than $1 per day!

These websites boast many manager-friendly functions, and feature an "integration” component which allows the national website, and Department and Post websites to share information, both manually and automatically. This includes a system which allows the Posts to efficiently submit reports directly to the Department. And Drivepath and Pixelbit offer each Post and Department ongoing support with each website. 

Steps to take for new VFW Website Solution Program

• Any Department and Post needs to have a membership vote to accept the new VFW Website Solution Program for a new website
• Apply for a grant for the first year’s costs paid by VFW National ($360.00)
• After the first year, there is a yearly cost of $360.00. This yearly cost can be paid for by obtaining local advertisers.

Apply for the grant. CLICK HERE (Please allow up to two weeks for processing. You’ll be notified by email once your application has been approved.)

2. Once the grant has been approved, then national headquarters will provide Pixelbit with the point of contact you’ve provided.

3. Within two weeks, Dave Strange of Pixelbit will contact you for a consultation. 

4. Your website will officially launch no more than two weeks following your consultation.

5. Start managing your online presence and communicating with the masses!

If you have any questions regarding the website platform and it’s capabilities, please contact Dave Strange at dstrange@pixel-bit.com.

Please note: 

While Operation Uplink grants are not available to Districts at this time, any District wishing to utilize the Pixelbit/Drivepath platform should contact Dave Strange at dstrange@pixel-bit.com

Demo of the VFW Website Solution Program

New Website Demo CLICK HERE

Post website templates CLICK HERE

Additional Materials (click on links below)

VFW Website Solutions Brochure

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