Memorial Day Video From Congressman Bacon and others

- 5/23/2020

With the coronavirus affecting our community, and restrictions on crowd sizes and gatherings, most Memorial Day services and activities were canceled this year. Recognizing the importance of this day to so many families and friends who have lost a loved one who was a member of our military, Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02), Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, Sarpy County Board Chairman Don Kelly, and representatives from veteran organizations recorded a video honoring our veterans who have passed away.

The Memorial Day video was shot in front of the model of America’s Wall of Honor, which is being built in Omaha at the Art of Honor Custom works Studio, 4917 F Street. Once completed, America’s Wall of Honor will tour the United States as a tribute to the Presidency, our Armed Forces, and First Responders. It will measure approximately 55 feet tall and 10 feet high. The location was selected to highlight this future piece of art that will recognize so many who have given their lives.

Other participants in the video include Don Burman, Director of the Omaha VA Medical Center; Tom Brown, Commander of the NE Vietnam Veterans of America; Joe Smith, Commander of the NE Veterans of Foreign Wars; and Gary Wooten, Commander, NE American Legion.

Permission is given to post this video in its entirety to your website and to share with other veterans or interested individuals.  The Video can be found here:

v/r, Dean

Dean C. Mathisen, Senior Constituent Liaison for Veterans Affairs

Congressman Don Bacon (NE02), BG-USAF (retired)




Here is a link to the video. I will be sending out the news release shortly, and will forward to all of you at the same time. v=B_8laSNzjnU&list= PLpaSSrUtZyQkufIGr_ pfo54D5SPat85Aa&index=30