Medal of Honor Memorial Highway

- 12/5/2019


As you may know states along Highway 20 from Newport, OR to Boston, MA have been working to rename HWY 20 the Medal of Honor Memorial Highway across America.  To accomplish this Am. Legion Past Department Commander Gene Twiford of Laurel, NE began the legwork.  When he reached a point of needing assistance, Ken Hanel of West Point and I stepped in to help him.

A philosophy was adopted that the Nebraska Medal of Honor Memorial Highway (NMoHMH) belonged to all Nebraska Veterans, Active Military, Guard and Nebraska Patriots as a means of paying tribute to our Heroes of Heroes.  

On Friday, December 13th, 2019 at 08:30 in Nebraska Department of Road’s Main Building on 1500 So. Highway 2, Lincoln, the Commissioners will decide between 3 applications.  They can only choose one.  The political groundwork had been laid and the Commissioners have been informed that with the support of the Nebraska Veteran’s Council it is the will of more than 30,000 Nebraska Veterans NMoHMH be declared the choice. 

This being said it is with great hope that as many Nebraska Veterans as possible can show up for this meeting wearing their hat.  Make it an outing.  Invite your comrades to ride with you or organize a suburban full and head for Lincoln.  We need to show with obvious intention that NMoHMH is the choice to be made.  And then go have a celebratory breakfast knowing you did a good thing for our Heroes. 

Once the decision is made it becomes the applicants’ responsibility to pay for signage now and in perpetuity.  For that reason the Nebraska Medal of Honor Foundation has been formed.  It is in this manner  that all Nebraska Veterans, Active Military, Guard, and Nebraska Patriots will be able to support the Foundation’s work.

Ken Hanel and myself are somewhat old school about doing things properly and in an honorable manner.  Therefore, the first fund raising event is called, Walk the Walk.  He and I will be walking across Highway 20 from Wyoming to South Sioux’s Siouxland Freedom Park where we will pass the effort on to Iowa.  All other states west of Nebraska have completed their efforts.  The walk takes place beginning May 11th 2020 and will take 12 days.  This is "our” way of directing Nebraska’s attention to the how we (all of us)honor our Medal of Honor Recipients. 

This event allows all that wish, to join us in the walk.  We will keep you in the loop as the event draws closer. 

Please visit

Daryl G. Harrison

Box 266, 355 So. Main

Thurston, NE  68062