Walgreens Partners with VA for flu shots

- 9/12/2019

Walgreens will again be offering flu shots to the US Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) patients this year.   As a summary:


•       National Partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Walgreens to vaccinate VA patients

•       VA patient can walk into most Walgreens pharmacies and present the voucher or present with their VA ID card and get a no cost flu shot, quantities are limited

•       VA patient’s clinical record is electronically updated by Walgreens – no paperwork to take to the VA


The vaccination covered under the voucher is Quadrivalent and noted on the voucher. 


How it works:


•       Patient may print and bring completed Voucher (see attached) to Walgreens, along with his/her VA identification card

•       Patient provides his/her Social Security Number

•       Walgreens administers flu shot and system updates patient’s VA clinical record


Attached is the voucher however if a Veteran presents without a voucher, but has VA ID and other form of ID, Walgreens should have a code on-hand to administer flu shot.


I’ve also attached a flyer/poster that you can post or send out to remind VA patients that flu shots are available to them at Walgreens.  We know convenience is important, Walgreens has over 8200+ stores where they can get their flu shots.


We would also be happy to potentially do "onsite flu clinics” at a large meeting event you may be having and do a free blood pressure checks too.  If you have any local meetings or VFW events where it make sense to have Walgreens attend, just let me know and I can coordinate with the local store that’s most convenient.


Also note, I received a copy of VFW Magazine recently and page 42 highlights this partnership.


Thanks for your support!  I am very pleased Walgreens and the VA are working together again this year to keep VA patients healthy.   If you could please pass along to any/all VFW or VA organizations to get the word out that would be great. 


Note: As you know, Walgreens is also now in the Tricare network and can provide flu shots under that benefit.