VFW News and Reports July 2019

- 8/5/2019

News and Reports

July 2019


Thank You for the Support!

120th VFW National Convention raised $79,656 for Veterans and Military Support Programs!

Vander Clute Ride - $44,453.00
VMS Lapel Pins - $12,835.00
Check Presentations - $22,368.00


 VMS Service Challenge 2019 Results




New VFW Programs Donation Form

Donations made to replace participation in Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, National Citizenship Education Teachers Award and toward Veterans and Military Support Program Services  will only be accepted through the following link.  Do not donate through your Department or by any other means.

https://VFWPrograms.formstack. cm/forms/vfw_programs_donation

Per 2019-20 All-American requirements donation amounts to receive full credit for VFW Programs are as follows:

Voice of Democracy $75.00, Patriots Pen $75.00

Teacher of the Year Award Elementary $75.00,
Middle School $75.00, High School $75.00

Veterans & Military Support Programs $100.00

Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen and Teacher of the Year donations must be received by end of the day October 31.

Veterans & Military Support Programs donations must be received by end of the day June 30.



VMS Programs Formstack Links

Website Solutions: 
https://VFWPrograms.formstack. com/forms/websolutionapp

Auxiliary Website Solutions:
https://VFWPrograms.formstack. com/forms/auxwebsolutionapp

Virtual Pins:
https://VFWPrograms.formstack. com/forms/virtualpinrequest

VMS Chairman Report:
https://VFWPrograms.formstack. com/forms/vms_chairman_report

Map Grant Application:
 www.vfw.org/ MAPGrantApplication

Map Grant Report:

AAU Application:

AAU Report:

 Forms submitted via fax, mail, or email will not be accepted, and you will be asked to resubmit the form through Formstack. 


VMS Chairmen, if you need to update your contact information please click the link below for the Chairman profile form, and submit to Deb Cuno at dcuno@vfw.org.

VMS Chairman Profile Form


Director's Corner




Team VMS:

Thank you from the bottom our hearts for what you do daily. We must start this year off aggressively. Many of you have upcoming Schools of Instruction, so take that opportunity to brag about what our programs do. Remind them that the new
All-American criteria has changed to $100 for Posts. If you ever need anything, please pick up the phone or shoot us a note.  
Lastly, wanted to share that our VFW riders did an incredible job raising $42,000 during the Howard Vander Clute ride at convention.
The top Department was the Department of Virginia with $19,000.  
Keep the hammer down and "Dare to Care!!"

Yours in Comradeship,

Lynn W. Rolf, III 



Monthly Reports

Please click on the links below to download the monthly reports:

VMS Programs Budget / Expenditure Report for July

VMS Programs Budget / Expenditure YTD Report

MAP Grant / AAU / Attendance Report

Veterans & Military Support Chairman Attendance Report - June

Veterans & Military Support Chairman Online Report Form

Veterans & Military Support Programs Chairman Report

*Please submit your completed report by the 15th of the month which covers the prior month's activities.

*Do not submit reports if you do not have any attendance to report or have nothing to report.

 Veterans & Military Support Chairman Contact Information



Monthly Assistance Recap by Program

Virtual Pins:  0 Virtual Pins provided
MAP/AAU:  18 grants & 7,348 attendance
Unmet Needs:  51 grants for $55,646.36
Help A Hero Scholarship: 3 Scholarships refunded for $14,295.00
Chairman Reports:  Event attendance of 11,790

A total of 19,192 veterans, military members and their families were supported through Veterans & Military Support Programs during July 2019.