Pete Hegseth: Democrats to America's veterans – You're too dumb to choose

- 6/26/2019

Even worse, their argument was grounded in a condescending view of veterans. They believe the big, bad world of non-VA care was just too complicated for veterans to figure out. Better to keep them inside the sheltered VA system, even if it’s not perfect. Basically, veterans are too dumb to choose.
Earlier this week, Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., a former university chancellor and president, introduced a partisan bill to restrict the ability of veterans to use their earned education benefits, like the GI Bill, at taxpaying career colleges (otherwise known as vocational schools, trade schools, or "for profit” schools). Never one to spare an insult in the service of partisan motives, Shalala even went so far as to call the credentials earned by veterans at these schools "worthless.” That’s liberal, condescending elitism to the max.
This should alarm veterans—and the American public. In the service of their ideological aims, the leaders of the Democratic Party want to deny veterans the right to choose where they go to school under the GI Bill.  In doing so, just like with their fight against veterans’ health care choice, Democrats have exposed themselves for who they really are: the anti-veterans choice party.