New All American Dashboard System is Now Live

- 12/31/2018

We are extremely excited to announce a new way to check your Posts/ Districts/ Department status for All American criteria. The data that is populated is updated as of Thursday at 1600hrs. This is based on reports we have received so far. The dashboard will be updated daily/weekly/monthly based on when the criteria is met. Please ensure your participation reports for Teacher/Voice of Democracy/ Patriots Pen are accurate as this will be the next big push after judging is done at your Department HQs.


The All American Dashboard can only be accessed through your OMS account.  If you do not have an OMS account please fill the form out CreateAccount

All American Reporting Dashboard - Login Instructions  CLICK HERE


I have attached a simple outline procedure to get you to the All American Dashboard.


We are utilizing the Red light/Yellow Light/Green Light method to show your status. Red means you have not met the criterion and Green means you have met the criterion for that specific program of All American. Yellow denotes that somewhere within your Chain of Command that report has not been approved. The N/A status just means that  this block does not pertain to your post or level you looking up. For NLS & NVS reports at the Department level All American Criteria you will not turn green until the 12 reports have been submitted to the VFW DC Office. MEMSTATS will be regularly updated and you will be Red until you hit the 100% level which then will turn Green.


Our current reporting process will remain in effect until the next program year. Our data is only as good as what we receive. This system does not create anymore work and is a way for us as your National HQs to show you where you stand as you seek to attain the All American Status.

If you have questions or feel anything is not currently working  please email myself over the holidays as I will be always accessible.


Lynn W. Rolf III

Programs Director
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
406 W 34th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

o:816.968.1116  C: 913.290.1754