Events & ANG Retirement

- 9/17/2019

1.  Wellness Fair:  Flyer attached.

When:   Sep 21, 2019, 0900-1200.

Where:  Lincoln VA



2.  Photography Mini-Workshop.  Flyer attached.

When:  Sep 25, 2019, 1830-2000

Where:  JFHQ, Lincoln 

From:  Cara Loken, Founder-Director Midwest Arts for Vets and Caregivers "Making A Difference, One Veteran and Caregiver At A Time"  



3..   Husker Tailgate:    Flyer attached

When:  Oct 5, 2019 

Where:  Spirit of 76 Armory, Lincoln NE    

This year the NNG Association tailgate will be the Northwestern game.   All members of the Guard, their families and retirees are welcome. You will need a military ID in order to get through the gate at the 76' Armory.