VFW NE Website online forms

- 6/10/2018

The company that we had for our old VFW NE website has eliminated our service for the online forms. We have a free account that has allowed us to still have the program reporting forms online. The areas that had online forms within the VFW NE website will need to provide pdf files of there hard copy forms. Users can open the forms and print the forms, then send them to VF NE HQ of the designated locations (chairman, tec.). VFW members that create forms (pdf format) can send the forms to VFW NE HQ and they will be posted on the website.

Some of the affected areas that do NOT have online forms:
  • New VFW membership sign up
  • VFW NE Membership Team to Contact Me
  • Donations to VFW NE
  • Veterans Memorial Ride Across Nebraska
  • Veterans Memorial Ride Across Nebraska Completion
  • VFW Nebraska Website Advertising
  • VFW NE Membership Team to Contact Me
  • VFW Post Transfer Form
  • VFW Nebraska IRS 990 form processing request
  • VFW Nebraska Contact Form
  • VFW NE Veteran Discount Businesses Collection Form
  • Calendar Photos for 2018 calendar
  • 20 Questions 2018-2019
  • VFW Nebraska Tribute or Memorial Page
  • VFW Donation Tribute or Memorial Gift
  • Expense Voucher

Any Questions contact: 


Tel: 402-464-0674

Fax: 402-464-0675

John Liebsack: Johnl@vfwne.org

Jody Sullivan: jodys@vfwne.org

Trudie Hammers: trudie@vfwne.org