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Dr. Steven Youngberg


steven.w.youngberg@gmail.com  or   vfwnewebmaster@ne.vfwwebmail.com


Join the VFW NE Nebraska Network – Become a webmaster for your post or district website

Web Site Project Status:

VFW Department of Nebraska web site project status

Web Site Training Sessions:

Web Site Training Class Presentation – web version

VFW NE Paperless Project-Mid Winter 2013-general session

Mid Winter Conference 2013 – Web Site break out session

2013 VFW NE State Convention Break-Out Sessions


Post a story to VFW Nebraska news network

Quick Start Editors User Guide for Webmaster’s


Google Docs (create forms, etc.)

Google Docs Presentation (how to)

Google Forms

Google Hangout

Accepted File types

embed youtube video on page

VFW NE Website hex colors

Changing calendar colors in WordPress

Wibiya Tool Bar

StatCounter Account Information

Welcome to the My VFW Nebraska Network Presentation

WordPress Roles

Summary of WordPress Roles

Additional video’s and information

WordPress HelpDesk

If you get stumped on how to solve a problem, you can use WordPress.com’s extensive online solution database.  Here is how:

Visit their site and search:

  1. Visit their site.  Link  http://en.support.wordpress.com/
  2. Insert the words that best describe what you are trying to do into the Search box.
  3. Search and link to the desired result.
You can also just search via Google Search.
  1. Open Google.com
  2. Search for WORDPRESS.COM (the program we use) and the word(s) that describe what you want.  For this request it was WORDPRESS.COM HYPERLINK.  (You are looking for “hyperlink” + “WordPress.com”).
  3. The results will appear.    
  4. This solution is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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