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Skill Gaming Nebraska

Your VFW post members can turn in a lead for a business that is interested in Skill Touch – Skill Gaming. If this lead becomes an installed Skill Touch – Skill Gaming terminal in the business, the post will get 10% of the net profit that the terminal(s), at that business location, will produce. This will help fund local posts for community projects, operations. etc. Local posts will be able to view all Skill touch activity of their businesses via the internet.

Lead Process:

1. Identify a business such as bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. in your community.

2. Download the Skill Touch brochure HERE

3. Talk to the targeted business and leave behind the brochure with the business. The business can go to the website  http://cgtne.com for further investigation. You can print a copy of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) to leave with the business CLICK HERE

4. Verify that the business has internet. We connect a cable from the Skill Touch Terminal to the customers Internet modem or router. Examples CLICK HERE

5. If the business is interested in learning more about Skill touch – Skill Gaming, Contact sales to followup with the business. (see below) Gather from the potential customer the following: Business name, business address, business phone number, email address and contact persons name. You can call 402-669-5123 or fill out the form below and submit. 

Fill out a lead form: CLICK HERE 


Contacting Sales: (With Business Lead)

Email: SalesAtCGT@gmail.com

Telephone:  402-669-5123

CGT website: www.cgtne.com


Skill Touch Lead Program Brochure for VFW Members CLICK HERE

VFW Posts that are participating in the lead program:

  • VFW Post 759 Kearney
  • VFW Post 1077 Beatrice
  • VFW post 8223 North Bend
  • VFW Post 5539 Harvard
  • VFW Post 2243 Kimball
  • VFW Post 3704 Columbus
  • VFW Post 5287 Neligh

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