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VFW Nebraska Skill Touch, skill gaming in Nebraska, supports Nebraska Veteran’s and is placed in Veteran organizations and outside retail businesses such as bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc.  


skill touch game, skill gaming in nebraska, skill gameskill touch chair, skill touch, skill gaming in nebraska, skill game A portion of the profits from “Skill Touch” skill gaming in Nebraska provides support to Nebraska Veteran’s, their families, directly or through Veteran Programs. Players can win $1,200.00 to $2,400.00 (depending upon location). Businesses make extra revenue from game play.


Skill Touch – Skill Gaming in Nebraska has been tested by Gallant Computer Investigative Services, LLC 8209 Roughrider Dr., Suite 100A Windcrest, TX 78239 and reviewed by Smith, Gardner, Slusky law firm located at 8712 West Dodge Road • Suite 400 • Omaha, Nebraska 68114-3431 and have found that Creative Games Technology Skills Game System “Skill Touch” constitutes a legal skills game system which may be used in the state of Nebraska.


Skill Touch Multi-Game is a skill-based gaming in Nebraska device which is legal in Nebraska.

Nebraska laws – Skill Gaming VS Gambling CLICK HERE

Skill Touch – Skill Gaming terminals have a Department of Revenue Tax stamp (Mechanical Amusement Device Tax)

Skill Touch Multi-Game, skill gaming in Nebraska, is a skill-based gaming device upon which a player uses his/her skills to win a cash prize. Vending machines and amusement devices provide products or amusement in exchange for a fee. Skill-based gaming devices allow a player to use skill to win cash prizes.

  • “Skill Touch” Skill Gaming in Nebraska, is a multi-game of skill – legal in Nebraska
  •  7  Skill Game Titles Available With More To Be Added!
  • Cash In/Ticket-Out Cabinet
  • The business location makes money
  • Players can win $1,200.00 to $2,400.00 (depending upon location)
  • All Titles Have Bonus Games Or Free-Spin Available
  • There is no cost to businesses to place skill gaming terminals (Skill Touch)
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Internet access to Skill Touch, Skill Gaming Terminal reports

Skill Games (600 x 337), skill touch, skill gaming in nebraska, skill game

Games –  Self Running Demos  CLICK HERE

 Click on game of choice to see self running demo – turn on sound

 See games in play CLICK HERE


Skill Touch  has a new progressive bonus feature called “Spin to Win” . The progressive bonus feature “Spin To Win” is in addition to bonus play and free games during game play. All game play adds to the progressive  “Spin To Win” level of jackpots.

Progressive,skill touch, skill gaming in nebraska, skill game

    Progressive Screen,skill touch, skill gaming in nebraska, skill game


All VFW Skill Touch – Skill Gaming in Nebraska software will be upgraded to the new version that will add a jackpot  “Progressive” bonus “spin to win” feature. All Skill Touch terminals should be upgraded by the end of 2014. All new Skill Touch terminals will have the new software.


Your VFW post members can turn in a lead for a business that is interested in Skill Touch – Skill Gaming in Nebraska. If this lead becomes an installed Skill Touch – Skill Gaming terminal in the business, the post will get 10% of the net profit that the terminal(s), at that business location produce. This will help fund local posts for community projects, operations. etc. Local posts will be able to view all Skill touch activity of their businesses via the internet.

VFW Post business lead program CLICK HERE _____________________________________________________________

Sales Contact for Nebraska: (Skill Touch – Skill Gaming in Nebraska)

CGT (Creative Game Technologies) is charitable gaming for non-profit Veteran Groups in Nebraska.

Sales: CGT Sales – (Creative Game Technologies, LLC)

Email: SalesAtCGT@gmail.com

Telephone:  402-669-5123

CGT website: www.cgtne.com

Service Support: 844-332-3780 (7/24)

Technical Support: 844-332-3780 (7/24)

ERP (online reporting) / Financial Support: 402-464-0674 (8 AM to 4:30 PM (CDT)


ERP Reference Guide

VFW – Skill Touch – Skill Gaming Brochure

Charitable Gaming – Skill Touch Frequently Asked Questions – Nebraska

VFW Funding Veterans Uses


VFW Nebraska has a Nebraska revenue / tax stamp placed on all Skill Touch game terminals.

Cabinets are 24 1/2″ wide x 16″ deep x 65 1/2″ tall



 Please complete the sales contact form below and submit.

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