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Default password implemented every July 1 for new WebMail position users.

Contact VFW NE HQ for the new default password:

Look at the user guide below or print it for reference to set up and operate WebMail.

VFW WebMail User Guide    (This user guide will help you set up WebMail).

  • VFW NE WebMail official System for all VFW NE business
  • VFW NE WebMail for all Posts, Districts, Department and Committees
  • WebMail addresses are based on title not a persons name
WebMail password automatically resets each year for new person (All email passwords will be reset to a default password in the days immediately following the June State Convention.) Members newly elected or appointed for the new year will log-in and change their password for their new position.

Select a link below

VFW NE WebMail Information (This provides information concerning the WebMail features and operation).

VFW NE WebMail Log-In ( This will display the login screen to access your WebMail account).

VFW WebMail User Addresses (This will show you the WebMail addresses that are available).

Contacts HQ Download Here (You will need this file to import all of the WebMail global addresses to your WebMail account). Follow the user guide above to perform this function.


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  1. I’m looking for service and deployment dates for James Thomas Oglesby born 11/22/27 died 8/5/06. He was a veteran of the Korean War and was married to my mother in 1948. Are you able to help me? Thank you

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