Posting a Story on the VFW Nebraska Website

Anyone that is a VFW Nebraska webmaster (has editing control of their website) from VFW post or district websites can post a story on their website. When you post a story on your website, it is seen on the VFW Nebraska State website, District websites and all post websites in Nebraska.

This is a way to get you local community news of events, functions, etc. published for all to see in the state of Nebraska.

This is our electronic newspaper, only no paper is needed. The stories are published instantly from you.


  1. You need to be a current webmaster on the VFW Nebraska websites. If you are not a current webmaster CLICK HERE
  2. Log into your dashboard of your website (go to the home page of your website, lower right side (meta, click on “site admin”.
  3. Enter you login and password
  4. Go to posts on the left side of the dashboard
  5. At the top click on “new post”


  1. You are in posts now
  2. Click on “add new post”
  3. Place cursor in the header. Type in a header of the subject.
  4. Place cursor in the subject area. Type in a subject. You may insert a picture from your computer as well. Place cursor where you want the picture placed, Select add media above, select “upload files”, click on “select files”, click on picture on you computer file,  once picture loaded, select “insert into post”. You can size the picture once it is placed. Click on picture, select “pencil icon”, under “display settings” select size that you want from the drop down menu.
  5. Select a category
  6. Select publish


You are finished.