Annual Versus Life Membership Analysis

Help current annual members analyze the cost and benefit of life membership. 

Select link below (Excel file) to obtain the Annual Membership versus Life Membership Analysis spreadsheet. Save the file to your local computer. When you open the file for the first time, enable editing. “Life Membership Options Analysis” will provide a “what if” analysis of annual membership versus life membership cost savings over the term of “current age” and “life expectancy” for life membership.

Use the form below for a quick analysis. Enter the life expectancy and current age of the person. Results will provide current annual costs starting (1-1-2014), years of life membership use, life membership one-time-pay cost, life membership 12 month payment plan cost, savings for a life membership versus an annual membership. Over 2/3 of the Department of Nebraska members are life members today.

Use the spreadsheet below for a quick Life Membership Analysis

Enter your current age and life expectancy age below.

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